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in Löddeköpinge (since 1991) is a mall that offers over 70 stores in a property of approximately 50,000 square meters.



Early 2023 we started to further develop and redefine the already existing communication concept Tänkte på dig (Thought of you) that we developed in 2020 during the limitations of the pandemic; as Galleria Center Syd is a big part of everyday life and, as a way of displaying the wide range of products and services without promoting specific stores or brands, we developed Galleria Center Syd branded products. But moving into the future, without any limitations of a pandemic, the time had come to take it to the next level.



To update the already existing communication concept and at the same time keep within the framework of recognition.



We saw that the GCS-products we have developed for the Tänkte på dig concept could be further enhanced. We let the small actions, products and details of everyday life claim the space they deserve – by becoming grand. Literally. In short: we sprinkled the concept with a tad of the bizarre. Through this approach, we enhance the fact that you as a visitor at Galleria Center Syd get a feeling of more when you visit Galleria Center Syd.


The creative concept

Mer till dig (More to you)

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