compelling enough to influence behavioral patterns, agile enough to make a difference and smart enough to create commercial growth.  
And we never monkey with the truth.  
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We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Our team is growing! Join our family of loving, pragmatic and esteemed primates with your knowledge in HTML, CS, AE, UI, UX,
DT, VR, URL, TMI, STFW, TLDR. Click the image above to find out what this is all about.

A dear old friend from Denmark

A dear old friend from Denmark

Today, we have a workshop day on insights together with our dear old friend, and a previous colleague to some of us, Martin Gjerløff. Martin is the co-founder of the Danish Strategy Academy and an award-winning strategist with a solid background working at international agencies, such as DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi. Inspired by his book “TRUE: A Technique For Finding Insights” we deep dive into the pool of insights and how to gain even greater ones so that we stay ahead of our own game. Thank you Martin!

Inner Development Goals Summit 2022

Inner Development Goals Summit 2022

On the 29th of April we participated in the Inner Development Goals Summit in Stockholm. The Inner Development Goals are the tools we need to reach the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, and secure a just, prosperous and sustainable future for humanity. The IDG framework consists of five categories organising 23 skills and qualities of human inner growth and development. This sure was an amazing summit and the knowledge gained will support not only our work, but the work of our clients and friends, going forward. Thank you, from the bottom of our big South-heart!

Cooperation is key

Cooperation is key

Last week we attended Nordbygg, the Nordic region’s largest and most dynamic meeting place for the construction and real estate industry. With a crowd of skilled and motivated companies from Latvia we gathered at Nordbygg at the Magnetic Latvia stand and took advantage of all the opportunities for knowledge exchange, discussions and to enhance new exciting cooperations. We also gave our point of view on the Swedish market, its people and how it is to do business in our country. We are thrilled about the energy that came out from this meeting!

That’s a launch!

That’s a launch!

We just launched the new Brand Platform and website of Falvir AB; a venture capital company making cross-industry investments. It has been an exciting journey to capture their essence and heartfelt passion they have for investing in people and their dreams. So excited to launch and create new possibilities to support even more dreams to come true!

An Easter egg of Human Rights

An Easter egg of Human Rights

We hereby present to you an Easter egg out of the ordinary. An Easter egg that makes us extremely proud and hopeful; a collaboration between us and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute. We are thrilled and honoured to assist them in their vision to bring about human rights change for all!


Welcome to our family of loving, pragmatic and esteemed primates. In numbers, we are small but the imprint we leave behind is large and we are probably the most globally established agency in Malmö. We know for a fact that the way forward in this world is best travelled with the company of big-hearted oddballs, not hierarchical browbeaters. Yeah. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?


Through great knowledge of the self, one can both own one’s strengths, and admit to one’s flaws. So, what does this have to do with you? Well, in short, we help you fill in the blind spots of your organization to sharpen and strengthen your brand to help you achieve commercial growth.

What you need is, of course, a question of where you come from and what you wish to achieve. Some of our clients need plain strategy, others need support in sales and customer advice, while some want total re-branding, new ideas, campaigns, and a watchful eye on their competitors.

Frankly speaking, we make you look great while coordinating everything that needs to be done so that you can focus on what you do best. In this way, we help you achieve commercial growth through great communication.

# 1 - Agency of the year 2014

The Swedish Design Award 2019 - Nominated

# 3 - Agency of the year 2015

Highest Credit Rating 2019 - SYNA



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