compelling enough to influence behavioral patterns, agile enough to make a difference and smart enough to create commercial growth.  
And we never monkey with the truth.  
Welcome to the jungle.


Rum, tattoos, and autumn

Rum, tattoos, and autumn

Autumn is here, and we are diving headfirst into the office after a splendid vacay. And oh, what a summer it has been! Amongst other things, we attended The Great Western Tattoo Show with Black Tears Dry Spiced rum and arranged their promotional material, an emotional competition and enjoyed the passionate craftsmanship of their rum. Ready for a new chapter, we welcome autumn with open and tattooed arms.

Vi söker: Grafisk designer/Originalare

Vi söker: Grafisk designer/Originalare

Vänner! Vi söker erfaren Grafisk designer/Originalare till vårt Malmökontor! Älskar du att slutföra de stora idéerna, förstår hantverket och tycker det är kul att arbeta med flera projekt samtidigt? Perfekt. Då råder vi dig till att skicka ditt CV och personliga brev till info@south.se så berättar vi mer. Märk mailet med ”Tålmodig och erfaren Grafisk designer”.

Put a wreath on it

Put a wreath on it

Salty monkey hair, don’t care… or… WE care, of course. We care about summer, about building brands, and about you having the best summer you could possibly have. We will be monkeying about in the office during summer, but this is us wishing you all the best during your vacay shenanigans. So, let’s put a Midsummer wreath on it and let the weekend begin, yes?

Business economics in a new suit

Business economics in a new suit

When we say research, business economics, science, debate, and change – what do you say? Organisation&Samhälle, of course! The content of this online magazine is shaping the future with its particular focus on business economics in relation to social, cultural, and political aspects of societal development. And now they’ve got themselves a brand-new visual identity, graphics, and website. Take a look!

Sweet times!

Sweet times!

Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli, lolli-pop! There are strange (and huge) things brewing right now. Did it go South for Alice in Wonderland – or is this just another day at the office? Who knows. Oh well, WE know, and soon you will too. Stay tuned for more!

Butter us up this spring

Butter us up this spring

Forget about strange fish, deviled eggs and asparagus – this Easter has something else on the menu for you. Buttery yellow, airy texture and a salty crisp to the tongue. Exquisite kernels caressed by heat and turned into – you know it – popcorn! This savoury snack is everything. And it’s all over the office, our meetings, our Slack channel, and our holiday. But we still want more. Feel free to be quite literal and butter us up this spring. Happy Easter to you all!


Welcome to our family of loving, pragmatic and esteemed primates. In numbers, we are small but the imprint we leave behind is large and we are probably the most globally established agency in Malmö. We know for a fact that the way forward in this world is best travelled with the company of big-hearted oddballs, not hierarchical browbeaters. Yeah. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?


Through great knowledge of the self, one can both own one’s strengths, and admit to one’s flaws. So, what does this have to do with you? Well, in short, we help you fill in the blind spots of your organization to sharpen and strengthen your brand to help you achieve commercial growth.

What you need is, of course, a question of where you come from and what you wish to achieve. Some of our clients need plain strategy, others need support in sales and customer advice, while some want total re-branding, new ideas, campaigns, and a watchful eye on their competitors.

Frankly speaking, we make you look great while coordinating everything that needs to be done so that you can focus on what you do best. In this way, we help you achieve commercial growth through great communication.

# 1 - Agency of the year 2014

The Swedish Design Award 2019 - Nominated

# 3 - Agency of the year 2015

Highest Credit Rating 2019 - SYNA



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