Daily Greens + Operation Smile

Market Pan-European


Client Daily Greens

is a Pan-European brand providing tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables across the globe.


Daily Greens + Operation Smile

The BIO organic bananas from Daily Greens originates from Ecuador. It is also here that Operation Smile has several clinics where they perform surgeries on children born with cleft lip, jaw and palate. This is why the bananas from Daily Greens are nutritious and good in more ways than just the obvious.

For every BIO organic banana sold, a contribution is given to Operation Smile and because of this, the children born with cleft lip, jaw and palate will receive transformative surgeries and a new chance at life. In this way, Daily Greens turn their banana supply chain into a cycle. A cycle of smiles that benefits all.So far, since the start of the campaign, the campaign has generated 1 500 life changing surgeries.

This is why every banana counts.

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